THe Black Podcasters Association

An Exclusive Community For Black Podcasters and Podcast Support Professionals.

The mission of the Black Podcasters Association is to create a thriving community for black podcasters and podcast support professionals that will collaborate, support, celebrate, and advocate for black voices within the ever evolving podcasting industry.

Historically, when it comes to new mediums and their industries, the black community's access to their resources, as well as benefiting from their growth/momentum stages have been an "uphill struggle" for fairness and acceptance. From the movie/tv & music industries, black people have been continually left on the outside of benefiting from these industry's while playing major roles in their adoption and growth.

As more advertising dollars and corporate buy-outs of independent companies/podcast networks become prevalent within the podcasting industry, there is the danger of history repeating itself.

During the pandemic, 2020-2021 saw an unprecedented surge in supporting black causes and voices. Coinciding with those events, we also saw a huge surge in podcasting within the black community. These events showed that we could not only be consumers of podcasts but that we also have value to bring to the podcasting space as podcasters and podcast support professionals. Capitalizing on this growth is not only important but imperative for us as black podcasters and podcast support professionals.

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