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The Mission

Our mission is to unite Black podcast creatives and professionals committed to redefining the podcast landscape and establish a foundation that fully supports our creative voices, respects our brands, and aligns with our core values, as we share engaging content with the world. 

“It’s a fact of life that progress is almost exclusively generated through people. If you’re not sensitive to the needs of people within your organization, or with whom you have to deal, you’re not going to be effective.” — Reginald F. Lewis

Simply put, representation matters.

Historically, black communities have played key roles in the creation, development, and adoption of various media industries. However, this has not translated into us benefiting financially or collectively from that work. 

The Black Podcasters Association ensures that our members are prepared to capitalize on the early growth and momentum of the podcasting industry as it continues to evolve. 

We can no longer continue to fight the “uphill struggle” for acceptance and fairness. It is only through a self-sufficient community that we can set our own direction and terms in this new and evolving industry.

This is a safe space where our members can fully thrive as a community and focus on their creativity without having to worry about "code-switching" or explaining their "blackness" to their counterparts of other ethnicities or cultures.

No longer do you have to search for a place where you feel you belong, you're finally home. 

“Dedicate yourself to a core set of values. Without them, you will never be able to find personal fulfillment, and you will never be able to lead effectively.” — Kenneth Chenault

Professionalism - creating a standard that will help all members to produce the best results they can while protecting their creative process.

Trust -  to be vigilant in providing our BPA community, the podcasting industry, and our audiences with authenticity and value while remaining true to ourselves as individuals and as a collective.

Integrity - a community is only as strong as its collective. Establishing and maintaining integrity is the cornerstone of our community. All members will ensure that we strive to reach the highest standards possible when representing our community, themselves, and the content they create. 

Diversity - Black people are not a monolith and come with a diverse collective intelligence that allows our community to become a safe haven that practices inclusivity and fosters an environment that allows black podcasters to respectfully express their views, thoughts, and creative talents. 

Community of Service - It is through the contribution of service to one another that a community is able to flourish. This creates a thriving network, which fosters positive relationships, supports emotional well-building, and protects the mental health of all of our members.

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.” — Cicely Tyson

While our goal is to allow inclusivity for all of our members, the reality is that our community is not for everyone. However, our exclusivity is not rooted in exclusion for some arbitrary or superficial reasons. 

Our exclusivity comes from the characteristics of who you are as a person and what personal values and goals you have as a black podcast creative or professional.

So what are some of the characteristics that make you an ideal candidate for membership?

  • An unfettered willingness to listen and learn from others of all levels of experience and knowledge. 

  • Serious about achieving your podcasting goals and outcomes.

  • Have a strong commitment to becoming the best version of yourself and overcome any professional and personal obstacles on the way to that.

  • Selfless in the pursuit of helping others when they are at their weakest.

  • Committed to building a podcast/business that will be sustainable and provide value to your targeted audiences.

  • Looking to transition yourself and your podcast to the next level.

  • Love to create content for community members that provide insight and value.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.” — Harriet Tubman

As one of the largest and most engaging communities dedicated to Black podcast creatives and professionals, creating a unique, transformative experience for our BPA Community Members is important. 

Preaching about “you get out what you put in”, though theoretically true, is not the approach we want to take with our community members. 

It is our position that we have to meet black podcast creatives and professionals where they are at in their journey. 

This means offering a central location where they can feel comfortable exploring, growing, and expressing themselves. It also means creating a protective community that offers opportunities for learning and support. 

So what are some of the tools you can expect from us to help offer you an environment where you feel free to be who you are with other like-minded people?

As a BPA Community Member you will have access to:

  • Curated courses, workshops, and events designed to help prepare and transform you and your podcast for success.*

  • Community spaces are designed to offer you a place to connect, collaborate, learn, as well as have fun with other community members.* 

  • Early access and first-chance opportunities for announcements, events, and more before it is released to the general public.

  • Replay Access to the Afros & Audios Video & Trainings catalog.*

  • BPA Ambassador and Verified Badge Programs.

  • Save Up To 35% off on exclusive member-only discounted ticket prices to the annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festivals. 

  • Access to a dedicated IOS/Android app for easy access to our community. 

  • Special podcast-related discounts from our partnered brands and vendors.

  • Free submission of your podcast to our member directory.*

  • The BPA Book Club*

  • Live Streams & Series

  • Accountability & Mentorship Programs*.

  • Contests, giveaways, and swag.

  • and much more.

*Some courses, workshops, events, spaces, etc may require additional fees for access depending on the community plan selected.

Becoming a member is simple. Just select a community member plan and get instant access to the best online community designed for Black podcast creatives and professionals.

PS: Don't forget to download the app so you can access the BPA from anywhere in the world. 

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